Der Kanton Tessin ist ein Gebiet reich an Geschichte und Tradition. Die landschaftliche Vielfalt wird Sie erobern und Ihnen atemberaubende Aussichte und viele Aktivitäten, die Sie entdecken können, anbieten.




Airolo Bike


Mountain Bike Excursions in Pesciüm


Pesciüm for skis, snowboards and snowshoes

Come and experience the best snow in the whole of the Southern Alps. The particular exposure of the slopes and the strategic position to the south but close to the Alps ensures that the snow conditions are always almost optimal.

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Lüina for skiing and snowboarding and for children

Lüina is a sunny paradise suitable for the little ones, but not only, served by new facilities: a lift of 400 meters long, a treadmill of 60 meters and a telephoto lens of 100 meters for sleds and dinghies. Lüina has a planned snow facility and night skiing facilities.

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Cross-country skiing in Bedretto

Discover the 6.5 km course, adapted to the classic style and skating, which winds along the bottom of the valley, in an enchanting winter landscape.

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Snowshoeing in Cioss Prato

Cioss Prato is a small family-run resort where children have the opportunity to ski as seen by their parents and immersed in the wild nature of the Valley. In addition to alpine skiing in Cioss Prato you can make wonderful and simple excursions with rackets. From the start of the ski lift in Cioss Prato, following the official signposting, you can make a circular trail with a total length of 4 km with snowshoes.

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Valascia, not only to encourage Ambrì but also to skate

Discover Valascia, the ice hockey rink located in the hamlet of Ambrì in the municipality of Quinto, in Leventina. Famous for hosting the home team competitions, the Ambrì-Piotta Hockey Club, which plays in the Swiss Ice Hockey Championship, is also the perfect place to skate.

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